Overview / Tutorial Video

This is a Minecraft plugin for buying and selling items on multiplayer servers.  The focus is to make setting up a physical shop easy for users, but it offers a large amount of customization options for server owners as well.  Because the focus is for this plugin to be easy to use for players AND server owners, most of the features are designed for usability.  Of course, by adding more features, the plugin becomes more complicated (going against the usability).  My job was primarily to design the balance between advanced features and ease of use.


Current SignShop Statistics


Notable Accomplishments

  • Top 50 plugin, as rated by MCStats
  • Featured by Curse
  • Partnered with and sponsored by Beastnode
  • 150,000 downloads and 2.5 million global starts at time of writing
  • Translated into many languages, 60% of users are international


My contributions

Systems Design

  • Designed features / systems to make the plugin easier to use for server owners and players
  • Looked at competing products, identify problems with their design, and made it better for SignShop
  • Researched needs and speculate on perceived needs for a shop plugin
  • Took direct user feedback and filter it to give the user what they actually want (which isn’t necessarily what they ask for)
  • Tracked metrics and use them to drive design decisions


  • Managed and prioritized tasks for release (bugs, feature requests, etc.)
  • Created easy to understand documentation and tutorial videos
  • Prepared for releases by testing software and keeping documentation current
  • Promoted the product and manage community by answering questions, reaching out to users, talking to other developers about cross-promotion
  • Cleared roadblocks for programming by reaching out to other developers and asking questions about their APIs, becoming familiar with other plugin features, etc.


  • Designed and created logo / branding (diamond, gold bar, and cake assets taken from Misa’s Realistic texture pack)
  • Designed and created 16×16 pixel art for readability using various map plugins showing the locations of SignShops SignShop Map Icon

SignShop HeaderSignShop Logo

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