Scribblenauts: Remix

Scribblenauts: Remix is a sandbox puzzle game for iOS and Android.  You play as Maxwell, who can write in his notebook and create just about anything.  Need to get over a wall?  Maybe you use a ladder, or a trampoline, or a jetpack, or a flying rainbow colored dinosaur!  The possibilities are (nearly) endless.


Notable Accomplishments

  • “Editors’ Choice Award” –
  • “A work of utter genius.” – Touch Arcade
  • “A brilliant game.” –
  • “Fits splendidly into the iOS catalog.” – The Daily
  • “4/4 Stars. A highly recommended puzzle game for all ages.” – USA Today



My contributions

Technical Design

  • Learned proprietary level editor and visual scripting language within a few days, in order to meet tight deadline
  • Developed first-drafts for several completely new levels, within a 4 week period , from paper designs
  • Created 45 pages and 12,377 words of documentation and tutorials for the level editor and build process during my final week, as there was no documentation beforehand
  • Delivered final versions of all levels, 1 week after receiving feedback from 5th Cell and QA from Warner Bros.
  • Organized scripts in an easy to understand way, to make it easier for future developers to learn from and/or fix bugs

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