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Help me get sued by VALVe! PROTAL: CUBED is an easy to learn spatial-puzzle game made in Unity3D. You play as an Amateur Science Weighted Compadre Cube going through quality control procedures. Compadre Cubes must pass a number of tests before they are allowed to be used with human test subjects. This game will be available for web and mobile devices. If you would like to take part in the beta test, you can send me an email using the link to the right.



My contributions

Game / Systems Design

  • Designed gameplay / mechanics
    (rolling cube picks up items, rolling rectangular prism, difficulty curve)
  • Scoped game appropriately for time and programming skill
  • Built 20 unique levels, and themed them to be similar to VALVe’s Portal Universe
  • Iterated mechanics and level layouts based on gameplay test observations, heatmaps, and metrics analysis

Programming / Scripting

  • Programmed gameplay by teaching myself C# and some javascript
  • Designed code architecture using OO principles
  • Implemented nGUI framework for level select / score menu
  • Modified code samples to work for my needs, when it would have been inefficient for me to create it myself (some samples were in javascript and needed to be converted to C#)
  • Set up project to be easy for level builder to quickly create levels and tweak values


  • Prioritized features and set schedules
  • Worked with a level designer, artist, and composer to ensure product consistency
  • Created gameplay trailer

Art / Level Building

  • Modeled (using Blender) and textured levels to mimic VALVe’s Portal
  • Used nGUI framework to make a consistent looking UI
  • Created promotional artwork for the game

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