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Escherreal is a mind-bending puzzle-platformer in which you must save the humorous Raffi from his crazy uncle Escher by flipping gravity and flattening the world from 3D to 2D.  The reality of it is, Escher has trapped Raffi in his mirror marble because Raffi is going nowhere in life.  By using the Mirror Marble to flip his life around and Escher’s Infinispecs to see things from a new perspective, Raffi will have to figure out how to not be a failure.  This game was made in Havok’s Vision engine with a team of 15 people.  Visit for more information.


Notable Accomplishments

  • Took 3rd place at FIEA’s game design document shootout, as judged by
    industry professionals at studios such as EA Tiburon and n-Space
  • Was greenlit by students, faculty and industry professionals to become a capstone project for students at FIEA



My contributions

Lead Design

  • Ensured consistent vision across all disciplines (team of 15), objectively assessing scope and quality from concept to current state
  • Managed design team of 6, providing feedback on levels / story / scripts, and set tasks based on team member strengths and weaknesses
  • Designed systems and levels so artists, producers, designers, and programmers all get something challenging and useful out of their education at FIEA
  • Generated and prioritized asset lists and features
  • Successfully pitched original game concept to students, faculty, and industry professionals

…plus the million other things a Lead Designer does on a project like this

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