Crater UDK


This is a small asymmetric multiplayer map for Unreal Tournament made using the Unreal Editor.  It was created in just two weekends, using only assets found in the content browser.  It was a fun experience learning UDK and trying to get my creative vision built at the same time.  I tried to use the stock assets in unique and interesting ways to give the impression of this being some sort of archeological dig gone wrong.  The snake / millipede hybrid mechanical creature appears to have come to life and eviscerated the majority of the archeologists.  At the mouth of the beast however, there are remains of one scientist with a razor like tooth through his chest and a rocket launcher near his hand.


My contributions

Level Building

Tool used: UDK


  • Established level theme, backstory, and flow
  • Created level with that theme using UDK stock assets
  • Designed terrain and static meshes to work together providing natural cover and sight-lines for players, avoiding clutter
  • Ensured respawning players would be oriented quickly with colors and shapes
  • Scripted interactivity (such as the hanging metal walkway falling from the crane and providing cover when shot) using Kismet and Matinee

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