• Unannounced Title

    This is an unannounced mobile title for Iron Galaxy. More information coming soon.

  • Scribblenauts: Remix

    Think it. Create it. Solve it. This sandbox puzzle game allows you to create just about anything you can dream of.

  • Escherreal

    Save Raffi from his uncle Escher by flipping gravity and flattening the world from 3D to 2D in this mind-bending puzzle-platformer.


    Amateur Science Weighted Compadre Cubes must go through a rigorous testing process before they can be used for human testing.

  • FMS PT Software

    Fitness Medical Systems, LLC is a start-up creating software for in-patient and out-patient post-op physical therapy.

  • Crater UDK

    This is a small, asymmetric, multiplayer map made using the Unreal Editor, created in just 2 weekends.

  • SignShop

    Ranked in the Top 50, and featured by Curse, SignShop is a powerful and easy to use shop plugin for Minecraft servers.

  • Halo Forge Maps

    A small collection of the many maps I released using Halo's Forge level editor.

  • Detention Wizards

    Two bored kids in detention bring a game of rock-paper-scissors to life using their imaginations.

  • The Ghosts of Onyx Minecraft Server

    This is a Minecraft server and accompanying texture pack I created for a medium / small group of gamers.

  • Captain Powerhouse

    Cat stuck in a tree? Captain Powerhouse is on the case, much to the city's dismay... Made in Unity3D.

  • Blacksmith Blast

    A multiplayer game where two rival blacksmiths use cannons to try and put one another out of business.

  • Early Flash Work

    This is a collection of small Flash games I collaborated on when Flash games were really popular (circa 2005).